Technical Data
  • Diameter: 50 mm / 55mm / 70mm | Work range base 0-14 dpt, cyl 0-4 dpt (max. 14 dpt in strongest meridian) | Polyurethane based polish carrier

  • High shape accuracy for all lens surfaces | Eliminates hard lap tools | Cost efficient | Reduces handling, because fewer tools are needed for large working range | Short polish times through high stock removal rates; process times nearly independent of cylinder and/or add powers | Highly versatile: polishes all lens formats (toric, spherical, free-form, convex & concave)

  • Please use with recommended polishing compound only

Important Remark
  • Designed tools for Micro-Flex Satisloh polishing machines


    DLP 50 = 13-011-050

    DLP 55 = 13-011-055

    DLP 70 = 13-011-070

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