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Rx Lab Consumables Manufacturer & Plastic Injection Specialist

Digital Lens Processing

Our company is proud to develop from scratch RX consumables & spare parts for all optical labs that uses free form technology.

Free Form Polishing Tools

We offer a complete line of innovative high-quality free form polishing tools for digital surfacing all lens materials for all polishing machines in the market.

OEM Manufacturer

With our policy of exclusivity and confidentiality our company is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of well recognized companies in the optical market.

Plastic Injection Molding Specialist

We are a professional injection molding product manufacturer and mold making service company for Optical industry.

Technical Lab Support

Our products are not sold alone. We do have a technical specialist team that support all doubts Labs may have when it comes to digital freeform lens production.

100% European Brand

Our production is all based on European raw materials and most of them are made exclusively in Portugal inside our factory. We proudly have 100% EU production.

Our Products

Digital Lens Consumables

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Digital Lens Processing Catalog

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Miguel Praça, Knetik Founder and CEO